About me

Strengthening teams & making them accelerate using technologies at hand, while working as a polyglot software developer. Working closely with founders, CTOs, tech & research teams, building & delivering working and maintainable software & tooling.

With over 15 years of experience as a software developer following software development principles & methodologies like BDD and TDD when writing code. Strongly advocating software craftsmanship principles and practices wherever possible and applicable.

My role involves working with full Software Development Lifecycle, reviewing code, refactoring legacy code, test-driving code for new features, DevOps, writing tools for i.e. AI/ML research teams, performing Data & ML engineering tasks, running experiments, gathering results, data analysis and data science related tasks.

In the past, I have been involved in running both internal and community workshops and hands-on-labs, created courses and helped others in the process, and also supported the internal hiring process.

Since sometime I have developed a strong interest in the areas of AI, Machine Learning, Data, Data Analytics (using R), Data Visualisation (using R & D3), Concurrency (Java), and Graal/GraalVM/Truffle and continue to develop my skills and understanding in the areas of Application and JVM Performance Tuning and Benchmarking.

In my free time, I’m constantly learning at conferences, events and workshops to gather practical hands-on experience. Playing with hardware and software accelerators i.e. Movidius, FPGAs, Cloud TPUs from Google, GPUs, python packages, just like we would do at an AI lab. You can find some of these in my blogs and GitHub repos. Constantly trying to learn ways to use better quality data and find ways to run our experiments in different ways and improve performance & quality of the results.

I have also mentored a number of participants on the KaggleX BIPOC Mentorship for the December 2022 to March 2023 cohort organised by Kaggle – you can find all about the outcome and feedback on my LinkedIn and Twitter feeds. It has been both a challenging and rewarding experience and a lot of learning for all parties concerned.

My major achievements (in no particular order):

Being an active member of various developer communities, and participating in various F/OSS projects like Adopt OpenJDK, GraalVM, etc.., I’m able to bring those values and connections back into the projects and startups I work with.

Don’t chase success, rather aim for “Excellence”, and success will come chasing after you!


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